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Phil. Andreou Public Ltd. is the Parent Holding Company of the Group. Operationally, it mainly deals with activities focusing on production, marketing, distribution & sales, of a wide range of products, aimed at creating safe & functional storage spaces & efficient sales area fit-outs, as well as display stands.

Phil. Andreou Public Ltd. is the agent and official distributor of METALSISTEM S.p.A. in Cyprus, able to meet the market needs in industrial storage, retail shelving and checkouts., The company is also the agent of MPM Protective Barriers, the No. 1 in warehouse safety and KOPRON importing Industrial doors and loading bays that guarantees compliance with safe, fast and silent movement.

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All shelving and racks should undergo regular inspections to ensure they are in the perfect working order. At Phil.Andreou Public, we have approved inspectors who can inspect your palletracking and shelving, and generate a report of their condition. Operational inspections are performed during ongoing operations. Racking and shelving inspectors check, among other things, whether protective measures, shelf components, and loads comply with regulations.



Phil.Andreou Public evaluates and tests requirements to proceed with the project implementation in accordance with corresponding provisions. Besides assembling complex steel structures, the equipment is also certified to lift and disassemble complementary elements, such as racks, screens, etc. We ensure fast and unobstructed service on-site, whether installing, maintaining, expanding or disassembling. Depending on your requirements, we can install your racking by our fully qualified and experienced staff.



You can rely on us to handle your entire warehouse design, development, fit-out, and commissioning project. There is no need to manage multiple suppliers or deal with tenders, invoices, and deliveries.


Στο πλαίσιο υλοποίησης του Στρατηγικού Αναπτυξιακού Σχεδιασμού η εταιρεία Phil. Andreou Public Ltd (Warehouse & Shelving Solutions) έχει προχωρήσει σε συμφωνία με την ιταλική εταιρεία KOPRON Spa. Η ΚOPRON Spa είναι ίσως η μεγαλύτερη ευρωπαϊκή εταιρεία παραγωγής βιομηχανικών πορτών (Industrial…

The Group was established in 1987 by Philokypros Andreou and its main activity then was  the manufacture of display stands.  Within soon, the display stands were in strong demand abroad and almost all of what produced was sold to the…

Phil Andreou Public Ltd, one of the largest supply and distribution companies of large-range storage and refining systems in Cyprus, come to an agreement with MPM FLEXIBLE PROTECTIONS to represent and distribute its products on the Cypriot market. MPM FLEXIBLE…


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