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Industrial DoorsSectional Doors

The Kopron Industrial Door Technical and Production Center in just a few years has expanded the company’s range of industrial doors and closures in a complete and modern way.

As a result of product testing in the production plants, the products are safe, fast, and silent, all in compliance with European standards. systems are characterized by three elements:

  • The Kopron industrial closing systems are characterized by three elements: personalization, design, and technology, which are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.
  • These types of doors are particularly suitable wherever a frequent transit occurs. Thanks to a quick opening-closing system they separate and guaranteeisolation of different departments.
  • The technology achieved allows the doors to well fit any kind of buildingcombining perfect functionality with low maintenance. They are delivered provided with manual opening and with either a chain hoist or powered winch.

Loading BaysGuarantee Safety During Loading / Unloading Operation

The loading and unloading bay is a vital component of a safe and efficient flow of goods.

In order to simplify the loading and unloading operations of tilting vehicles, loading and unloading bays are manufactured to meet standard and custom specifications.

As a result, they guarantee the safety and compliance with standards, avoiding: time wasting; heat exchanges; damages to vehicles, buildings and goods.
Standard or tailored equipment, designed and manufactured to guarantee safety during loading/unloading operations and avoid expensive thermal dispersion.

The system consists of three parts: the electrohydraulic dock leveller to move the goods back and forth from vehicle to warehouse; the manual/electric sectional door for closing; the dock shelter which is used to cover and connect the rear part of the vehicle
to the warehouse.