The Group was established in 1987 by Philokypros Andreou and its main activity then was  the manufacture of display stands.  Within soon, the display stands were in strong demand abroad and almost all of what produced was sold to the Middle East, continental Europe & around the World.

From a 2,400sqm owned factory in 1989, the Operation moved to a second much bigger, purpose built, owned factory of 6, 600sqm in 1993, and in 2004 it expanded even further into a state-of-the-art factory, bringing its total floor area facilities to 23,000 sqm. The Phil. Andreou Ltd., was by far the leader in the Middle East in display stands, which were designed, manufactured & exported to over 118 countries, on behalf of Blue Chip FMCG Corporations.

Cyprus’s accession to the EU led to a decline in exports due to the dramatic increases in port charges & other related reasons.

Following the turmoil of the 2013 Financial Crisis that hit Cyprus, the severe credit crunch that followed had a major impact on the Group, which suffered substantially and had to reorganise its Operations and right-size them to the new norms.  Since 2020, the Operations started to regain their vigour and pre-2013 Sales.

Currently the Group is involved in several Sectors, from Retailing, to Services and Manufacturing.  

Phil. Andreou Digital Printing Services Ltd. is 1 of the 2 largest Digital Printing companies in Cyprus.

In its 22 years of operation, Phil. Andreou Digital Printing Services Ltd., pioneers in the digital printing services, bringing  innovative products to the Market.

It is manned by a team of people with extensive experience and expertise, professionally trained & certified by its Suppliers.  Most of them work in this field for their entire career & have the experience to manage any job.

A wide range of printing products and services are offered, such as large format printing, exhibition & display solutions, POP, acrylic products. All installation teams are made of permanent in-house staff, with many years of experience & service.

Phil. Andreou Public Ltd. is the parent holding Company of the Group & point of reference.

Phil. Andreou Public Ltd is the sole official distributor of METALSISTEM shelving in Cyprus, able to meet the market needs in industrial storage, retail shelving and checkouts.

Operationally it mainly deals with activities focusing on production, marketing & distribution of wide range of products, aimed at creating safe & functional storage spaces & efficient sales areas fit outs as well as display stands.

Phil. Andreou Public Ltd. is the official distributor of MPM protections, which designs and manufactures flexible industrial protectors, to render work environments safe wherever there is movement of vehicles, goods and people.

Our protectors guarantee savings in infrastructure and machinery maintenance costs and safeguard workers. MPM safety solutions can be adapted to the safety needs of several application sectors.

Track Smart Telematics Ltd. is a Cypriot software company (SaaS).  It was founded by Industry Professionals with 22+ years of Experience in Software System Design, Telemetry, Integrated Computer Systems, Communications and Database Design.  All the software applications offered, are exclusively designed & developed in-house, adapted to every Customer’s need, by offering tailor-made solutions.  Two are the flagship Applications; Vehicle Telemetry and the new, innovative carbon dioxide footprint Management of Buildings and Operations. They both assist in the Complete  Management & Optimum Usage of almost any type of Resources, with the use of your Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and PC. Reduce your Company’s Carbon Footprint & not its Profits!

So Easy Stores Ltd is one of the largest chains of Convenience Stores, currently operating & managing 22 privately owned shops in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol.

The company was founded in 2002 and belongs 100% to the Phil Andreou Group.  A key goal of the Company is to make your purchase as smooth as possible, while maintaining the best quality. Thus, the name So Easy was chosen.

So Easy Stores are unique.  They adapt to serve the daily and changing needs of consumers, in a friendly and clean environment, offering the comfort of effortless shopping.

Continuous offers, convenient prices, a mountain of products found in all shops, and their effective operating hours result all in a strategic visit.