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The “Plastic Line” is a line of products and accessories for the warehouse distributed by Metalsistem.

This line of products includes an infinite variety of containers to be added to warehouse logistics to improve space management, goods handling, transport, organization of small items.

PLASTIC LINESPlastic containers and accessories

For its shelving , Metalsistem has created a wide range of accessories designed for product organization. The range of accessories includes drawers, organizers, cases and tool boxes suitable for all types of professional and hobby use, ideal for the classification and organization of small parts, tools and various accessories.

Fox line

It is the modular drawer unit system with a single width of 600 mm. Self-supporting structure with tilting and removable drawers . Casing and drawers in high-strength thermoplastic resin, which can be fixed to the wall and to metal supports.

Service Cases

It is synonymous with modularity and customization. The entire interior is in fact removable so that you can decide the function.


The cabinets are supplied with four shelves. On request, container door panels are available to be applied on the bottom and on the doors.

Multifunctional service cases

Solid and light. Sturdy construction with two locking latches on the lid as well as two additional safety catches. Equipped with removable modular trays in shockproof polystyrene. Possibility of creating customized assortments thanks to the modularity of the trays available in nine different versions.


Stackable containers made of thermoplastic material resistant to acids, oils and solvents and to temperatures from – 40 to + 80 degrees. With front stops and flat bottom for use on inclined surfaces, internal and smooth walls for easy cleaning.

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